Fisheries key contacts

Contacts for our fisheries services.

Chief Scientist - Fisheries
Rosie has a PhD in Zoology and has worked in fisheries research in New Zealand since 1979. She is a specialist in middle depth and inshore fisheries resource surveys and stock assessment, climate effects on fisheries, and fish communities. She was also a Regional Manager at NIWA Wellington for eight years. 
Principal Scientist - Fisheries
Richard specialises in research aimed at improving estimates of fish abundance using acoustics, trawling, and complementary technologies. Since attaining his PhD from University of Otago in 1997, he has had extensive sea-going and practical fisheries experience both in New Zealand and overseas, including the Antarctic. Richard is an active member of the ICES Working Group on Fisheries Acoustics Science and Technology. He has worked at NIWA since 2000 and currently leads the Middle-Depth Fisheries and Acoustics Group and is a programme leader for the NIWA's National Centre for Fisheries Assessing Fishery Resources programme. 
Principal Scientist - Fisheries
Ian has a background in European fisheries, having worked in Scotland before moving to New Zealand to join NIWA in 2006. He is particularly interested in scampi and shellfish fisheries and was heavily involved in scampi assessment within the ICES system. For NIWA, he leads scampi research, survey, and assessment activities. Ian also leads research that investigates the effects of fishing on the seabed and ecosystem indicator development. He currently leads the Fisheries and Marine Ecology group in Auckland. 
Principal Scientist - Fisheries
Malcolm began his research career in the 1980s as a fisheries biologist. He worked extensively on stock assessment of deepwater fish (in particular orange roughy), before broadening his research interests to more general deep-sea ecosystems. He studied seamounts for many years, and headed the Census of Marine Life on Seamounts, a major 6 year international research programme. His studies have involved a lot of time at sea; with over 70 surveys, including submersible dives, and international work in the Antarctic and southwest Pacific. Currently he leads NIWA research projects describing the biodiversity of deep-sea habitats, assessing ecological risk to these habitats and communities from fishing and mining activities, and ways to improve the management of environmental impacts. Malcolm gained his PhD from Victoria University of Wellington in 1982, and since then has specialised in the biology and ecology of deepwater fish and fisheries, particularly orange roughy. He has extensive seagoing experience with over 70 voyages. Recently he has worked largely on international fisheries and helped develop the FAO guidelines on deep-sea fishing in the high seas. Malcolm currently heads NIWA research programmes on deep sea communities, impacts from fishing and mining, and developing risk assessment methods for New Zealand deepwater fisheries. 
Principal Scientist - Fisheries
Malcolm is a fisheries scientist and marine ecologist who studies the population biology of coastal and pelagic fishes. He has particular interests in cartilaginous fishes (sharks, skates and chimaeras), estuarine fishes, migration and behaviour, and age and growth. Recent research projects include tagging studies of the migratory and diving behaviour of great white sharks, and the use of New Zealand estuaries as nursery grounds by juvenile fish and sharks. 
Principal Scientist - Fisheries
Matt has a Ph.D. in fisheries stock assessment from the University of Portsmouth (UK), and has worked in New Zealand since 2003. Matt has worked primarily on the biology and stock assessment of deep water fishes, from field work and biological studies, through to Bayesian stock assessment modelling. Matt has also worked on inshore fisheries, impacts of climate on fisheries, chondrichthyan biology, and food webs and ecosystem models. Matt is a member of various NZ Ministry for Primary Industries working groups, has conducted scientific research and reviews for agencies in Australia, Europe, South America, and the USA, and is currently a programme leader for the NIWA National Centre for Fisheries Assessing Fishery Resources programme.

Full Staff List

Position Email Phone (external)
Owen Anderson Fisheries Scientist +64-4-386-0863
Helena Armiger Fisheries Technician +64-9-375-2034
Neil Bagley Fisheries Scientist +64-4-386-0875
Suze Baird Fisheries Scientist +64-4-386-0487
Dr Cindy Baker Principal Scientist - Freshwater Fish +64-7-856-1774
Sira Ballara Fisheries Scientist +64-4-386-0871
Dr Mike Beentjes Fisheries Scientist +64-3-471-7767
Dr Richard Bian Fisheries Scientist +64-9-375-2054
Dane Buckthought Marine Ecology Technician +64-9-375-2079
Dr Malcolm Clark Principal Scientist - Fisheries +64-4-386-0523
Peter de Joux Electronics Technician +64-4-386-0905
Ralph Dickson Environmental Monitoring Technician +64-3-545-7733
Dr Ian Doonan Senior Fisheries Modeller +64-4-386-0825
Dr Matt Dunn Principal Scientist - Fisheries +64-4-386-0805
Dr Pablo Escobar-Flores Fisheries Scientist +64-4-382-1610
Mark Fenwick Marine Ecology Technician +64-4-386-0804
David Fisher Principal Technician - Fisheries +64-4-386-0865
Alan Hart Marine Biology Technician +64-4-386-0868
Bruce Hartill Fisheries Scientist +64-9-375-2067
Peter Horn Fisheries Scientist +64-4-386-0812
Dr Rosemary Hurst Chief Scientist - Fisheries +64-4-386-0867
Dr Emma Jones Marine Ecologist +64-9-375-2056
Dr Yoann Ladroit Fisheries Acoustics Scientist +64-4-386-0906
Dan MacGibbon Fisheries Scientist +64-4-386-0496
Peter Marriott Principal Technician - Marine Biology +64-4-386-0864
Vidette McGregor Ecosystem Modeller +64-4-386-0851
Dr Andy McKenzie Fisheries Modeller +64-4-386-0843
Peter McMillan Fisheries Scientist +64-4-386-0580
Andrew Miller Marine Ecology Technician +64-3-343-7887
Dr Sophie Mormede Fisheries Modeller +64-4-386-0513
Dr Richard O'Driscoll Principal Scientist - Fisheries +64-4-386-0876
Dr Darren Parsons Marine Ecologist +64-9-375-4531
Christopher Ray Electronics Technician +64-4-386-0908
Kura Reihana Data Entry Operator +64-4-386-0521
Dr Ashley Rowden Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology +64-4-386-0334
Nicola Rush Fisheries Technician +64-9-375-4500
Dr Alexandre Schimel Fisheries Acoustics Scientist +64-4-386-0510
Keren Spong Marine Ecology Technician +64-9-375-2066
Darren Stevens Fisheries Scientist +64-4-386-0874
Colin Sutton Fisheries Technician +64-3-545-7738
Paul Taylor Fisheries Modeller +64-7-859-1831
Di Tracey Fisheries Scientist +64-4-386-0866
Dr Ian Tuck Principal Scientist - Fisheries +64-9-375-4505
Joeye Vorster Data Entry Supervisor +64-4-386-0911
Fred Wei Database Administrator +64-4-386-0596
Dr James Williams Fisheries Scientist +64-9-375-2062
Caroline Wood Data Manager +64-4-386-0915
Brent Wood Principal Technician - GIS and Spatial Data Management +64-4-386-0529
Jeremy Yeoman Data Manager +64-4-386-0542