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What does the South Island look like from the edge of space?


In Lauder, Central Otago - NIWA atmospheric technician Wills Dobson releases a weather balloon with a couple of gopro cameras attached. 46 minutes later we're in the stratosphere - at 27 kms - capturing some incredible footage above New Zealand's South Island.

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Tool time: NIWA scientist heads to the ice with a drill and a tape measure

A tape measure and a drill will be pretty much all the tools a NIWA scientist needs when he heads to Antarctica next week.

Koha goes home – NIWA returns lost turtle to Kermadecs

A critically endangered turtle today began a two-day journey back to its home in Rangitāhua, the Kermadecs.

Southwest Pacific Tropical Cyclone Outlook

Moderate La Niña or neutral tropical conditions expected to produce near average activity across most islands.

Scientists’ stunning images

From one pole to the other, NIWA scientists work in some of the world’s most extraordinary landscapes.

Freshwater management to benefit from new institute

Science and Innovation Minister Steven Joyce has today announced the creation of a new freshwater institute between NIWA and the University of Waikato.