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NIWA’s science services are delivered by our thirteen National Centres. Each centre conducts a raft of research contributing to a high level outcome for New Zealand.

Tangaroa Marine Environment and Ecosystem Voyage 2018

RV Tangaroa is undertaking a six-week voyage to Antarctica and the Southern Ocean between 8 February and 21 March 2018 with scientists from NIWA and the University of Auckland.

Latest News

Kaikōura earthquake generated huge submarine sediment shift

The 2016 Kaikōura Earthquake has shown that more than 100 million dumptrucks of mud and sand flow through the Kaikōura Canyon every 140 years, scientists say.

Scientists measure glaciers after record-beating summer

Climate scientists and glaciologists are taking to the skies this week to find out how New Zealand’s glaciers are faring following this summer’s record-breaking warmth.

NIWA expertise contributes to healthy hoki fishery

When NIWA fisheries scientist Richard O’Driscoll went to sea earlier this year, he and his team measured so many fish that laid end to end, they would have stretched for 31km.

Swamp kauri providing a window to the past for scientists

Ancient swamp kauri is being used by NIWA scientists to reveal the secrets of past climates.

Five more days from the official hottest summer on record

Despite a sub-tropical storm and two ex-tropical cyclones, this summer is about to become the hottest in history.