Monthly climate summaries from December 2001 to the present.


A dry month for many parts of the country.
Winter truly arrived in New Zealand in June 2015. The month as a whole was unsettled, with storm events affecting different parts of the country.
This month it was dry and sunny for eastern parts of the country.
A wet and warm month for many parts of the country.
A warm month for all regions, and patches of wet and dry throughout New Zealand.
A dry month in the east of both Islands and widespread dry soils.
A warm, sunny and very dry month for most of the country.
Soil moisture quite low for most of the country.
A cool month for most of the country.
A dry month for the South Island with warm and wet conditions in the North.
Highly variable rainfall but plenty of sunshine.
Near-normal July temperatures for most, with exceptional rainfall for Northland.
June 2014 was characterised by higher than normal mean sea level pressure (MSLP) values from New Zealand, and in particular, points east and southeast of the country to the Dateline.
Dry and sunny across much of the North Island, wet in southern and western parts of the South Island.
Dryness persists for much of the North Island.
Widespread dryness for much of New Zealand, particularly western and central North Island.
A cool January for most of NZ; dry for North Island except Taranaki to Wellington.
A warm and dry month about central parts of New Zealand.
Warmer than average November for much of New Zealand.
Very dry in the north and east of the North Island. A warm month for eastern parts of the North and South Islands.