Monthly climate summaries from December 2001 to the present.


National Climate Summary – May 2012: Dry over the South Island; generally sunny & cool.
National Climate Summary – April 2012: Anticyclones abound – dry & sunny for most.
National Climate Summary – March 2012: Continuing cool.
National Climate Summary – February 2012: Extremely cloudy. Cool in eastern areas.
National Climate Summary – January 2012: Unusually cool.
National Climate Summary – December 2011: Wet over North Island and northern South Island.
National Climate Summary – November 2011: Extremely dry north of Taupo; wet over South Island.
National Climate Summary – October 2011: Wet and cloudy for many regions; easterlies prevail.
National Climate Summary – September 2011: Dry, sunny and cool start to spring.
National Climate Summary – August 2011: Snow & sunshine - very dry in north & west.
Lows anchored south of country; freezing polar blast.
The 3rd-warmest June on record, and very gloomy.
Warmest May on record.
Record April rainfall for Hawkes Bay, and cool conditions in eastern areas of both islands.
A mixed-bag start to autumn.
A tale of two islands.
Tropical visitors produce wild weather.

Warm with a sting in the tail

Highs and dryness dominate for second month

Spectacularly sunny and very dry in most areas

Wet and wild westerlies

Cloudy, warm, and extremely wet

Mid winter magic – a very sunny July in many areas

Very wet overall, except West Coast and Southland