Monthly climate summaries from December 2001 to the present.


January 2018 was New Zealand’s hottest month on record (since 1909) using NIWA’s seven-station series. Dozens of locations observed their record or near-record high mean temperature for January.
A very warm and dry month
Hot in the south and dry countrywide to end spring
A very dry and warm month for the South Island interior
A wet month for many and warm on the eastern coasts.
A warm end to winter, wet in central and southwestern parts of both Islands, dry for much of the east.
A tumultuous month with record breaking rainfall for eastern South Island
Record-dry June for parts of the North Island.

Cool and dry for much of the South Island, wet for inland parts of the North Island

Tropical moisture brings prolific rainfall to the North Island and eastern South Island.

The Tasman Tempest causes a deluge in the upper North Island.

Wet for some of the North Island, dry for the South Island.

A tempestuous month, cool for many and very dry in the eastern North Island.

A dry end to the year with average to below average temperatures.

A wet and cloudy month for many.

A wet month for parts of the South Island and eastern North Island, warm in most locations.
A wet month for the North Island, dry for the South Island, and warm almost everywhere.
A chilly month for the South Island, rounds of flooding in the North Island.
A mild month overall and dry for eastern areas of the country.
The third-warmest June on record, unusually dry and sunny for many.
Warmest May on record and plenty of rain for western regions.

Warm, dry and sunny for most of New Zealand.