Ngā Parangatanga - Sediment Module

The type of sediment that is deposited in your estuary, be it mud or sand, and how quickly it is deposited, has a big influence on what your estuary will look like, how clear the water will be, and the types of plants and animals that can live in it.

In this Sediment module you will learn how to describe sediment types, measure how quickly sediment is being deposited (the sedimentation rate), and measure large-scale changes in the topography or shape of estuary features, such as banks and channels. This module also provides guidance on how to collect and store sediment samples and cores that you may wish to have analysed for metal and organic chemical pollution. Before you start using the Sediment module, you will need to know how to use a GPS or magnetic compass to locate sites and to measure directions. We also recommend that you read the introductory and safety information in the "Getting Started section of this website" before you start using this module.

Sediment [download whole module as 3MB PDF]
Research subject: Estuaries