Climate publications

The National Climate Centre issues monthly, seasonal and annual climate summaries and forecasts, as well as climate updates for the pacific islands.

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Special Climate Statement - record warmth in the Tasman Sea, New Zealand and Tasmania

Sea surface temperatures in the southern Tasman Sea rose to exceptionally high levels in late 2017 and early 2018. These temperatures were far above any others previously observed at that time of year in the region, and extended west from New Zealand to Tasmania and mainland southeast Australia.
View annual, seasonal and monthly summaries of temperature, rainfall and sunshine data from across New Zealand.

Read a monthly summary of New Zealand's climate. Each issue includes information on the past month’s climate and soil moisture, an outlook for the next quarter, and background information on a specific aspect of New Zealand’s climate.

A monthly summary of the climate in the tropical South Pacific islands, with an outlook for the coming months.

A regional climatology is a summary of the typical weather and climate of a region, based on historical data observations made at climate stations located within the region.

This weekly update to helps media assess likelihood of extremely dry weather preceding a drought. Regions experiencing severely to extremely drier than normal soils conditions are deemed “hotspots”.