Our science

NIWA's scientific research and services are delivered by our nine national centres and two management centres. Each science centre conducts a range of research aimed at delivering high-quality outcomes for New Zealand.

NIWA has the largest team of aquaculture specialists and dedicated facilities in New Zealand.
World class research, contributing to our understanding of greenhouse gases, ozone depletion, and urban air pollution.
Information about our varying climate is critical for managing resources and reducing risks.
NIWA aims to provide the knowledge needed for the sound environmental management of our marine resources.
Consistent, accurate and easily accessible data are fundamental to effective environmental science.
Balancing the sustainability of our fisheries stocks and the impacts of fishing on the environment with the economic opportunities they offer is an ongoing challenge.
We provide public information on river, lake, and groundwater conditions across New Zealand including water quantity and quality.
Nature can be a destructive force. Our science will prevent property damage and save lives.
NIWA’s environmental science helps contribute to sustainable development in the Asia-Pacific region.
Sharing knowledge with Māori communities and empowering Māori business with the latest science.
NIWA's vessels are world class environmental monitoring and research platforms.
NIWA scientists have worked for many years on Antarctic atmospheric processes and aquatic ecosystems.
NIWA leads many ocean research voyages from the tropical waters of the Pacific to Antarctica. This page highlights some of these voyages.