Freshwater and Estuaries key contacts

Contacts for our freshwater and estuaries services.

Chief Scientist - Freshwater and Estuaries
Scott is an ecosystems ecologist (PhD University of Hawaii). His research generally focuses on effects of land and water use on biological communities, ecosystem processes and water quality.  This research has been carried out in rivers, estuaries, coral reefs, lakes, aquifers and open ocean.  Current research areas include water quality analysis and tools for assessing land-use effects. Scott is NIWA's Chief Scientist - Freshwater and Estuaries.
Christian is a hydrologist with a MSc in small scale hydrology (University Joseph Fourier- France) and PhD in Soil Physics (University Joseph Fourier- France). His research interests include developing improved methods for making hydrological predictions in ungauged catchments, understanding the spatial variability in hydrological response through measurement, conceptualisation and modelling of surface water and groundwater flow across landscape and temporal scales, snow hydrology and uncertainty quantification in decision making process in watrer resource and weather related hazard. 
Principal Scientist - Freshwater Ecology
Paul holds a BSc Hons from Leicester University and an MSc in biological sciences from the University of Waikato and has a background in wetland and aquatic plant ecology. He specialises in freshwater biosecurity, especially risk assessment, developing strategies for the prevention of aquatic weed spread and protection of unimpacted water bodies, and designing and implementing eradication programmes for aquatic weeds. He works closely with a wide range of central and regional authorities in the field of biosecurity. He is also author/co-author of three books on the identification of common weeds, grasses, sedges, rushes and weed seeds in New Zealand. He also has experience in wetland ecology and conservation needs and management plans for nationally endangered aquatic and wetland plants. Paul joined NIWA in 1994 and was appointed Programme Leader – Freshwater Biosecurity in July 2015. He has been a Principal Scientist – Freshwater Ecology since 2004. He previously worked with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry coordinating eradication programmes for nationally important weeds.
Aquatic Biogeochemist
Fleur is an aquatic biogeochemist with a MSc (Hons) in Biology and Environmental Planning from University of Waikato and a PhD in Physical Geography from Durham University, UK. She leads NIWAs Aquatic Rehabilitation and Protection research programme. Fleur joined NIWA’s aquatic plants group in 2002. She has a wide network of science and stakeholder relationships and she coordinated NIWA’s Envirolink research from 2014 to 2016. From 2010 to 2016 she led work to update the New Zealand instream plant and nutrient guidelines for Regional Councils. Her current research interests include evaluating the effectiveness of targeted riparian buffers, riparian shade effects on instream plants, aquatic plant ecology and management, seagrass restoration and seagrass responses to sediment impacts in estuaries. She is a founding member of the Australasian Seagrass Restoration Network.  
Principal Scientist - Catchment Processes
Sandy (Alexander) Elliott applies mathematical techniques to address water quality issues, especially predicting the effects of diffuse pollution and its control at catchment scale. His background spans from experimental work on transport process in flumes and on hillslopes, to delivering national-scale catchment modelling software, and from urban areas to the coastal impacts. He has developed and modified several catchment models for water quality, including the national CLUES model, and applied these in a wide range of settings in New Zealand. His current interests include techniques for shifting across spatial and temporal prediction scales and providing practical catchment models suitable for managing water quality within limits. He currently leads NIWA's Eutrophication Risk Assessment programme, and the Our Land and Water Interoperable Models programme.
Hydro-ecological Modeller
Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Scientist
Andrew specialises in estuarine sedimentary processes and biogeomorphology, with 25 years experience as a research scientist. He holds a BSc and MSc (1st Class Honours, University of Auckland) and a PhD (The University of Queensland).  Specialist skills and interests include sediment geochronology, sediment-source tracing using compound specific stable isotope (CSSI)   techniques, mangrove ecology and morphological evolution, geostatistical methods and land use impacts on estuaries.  Andrew leads NIWA’s Catchments to Estuaries Programme, which is focused on understanding and predicting the connections between catchments and estuaries to improve the management of diffuse-source contaminants (i.e., fine sediments, nutrients and microbes) in estuaries. Andrew’s research involves multi-disciplinary research collaborations with scientists from NZ and international institutions. Projects include reconstruction of environmental changes using CSSI and radioisotope techniques, investigating human impacts on estuarine sedimentation regimes, predicting effects of fine suspended sediments and dissolved substances on estuarine water clarity, and the biophysical processes and feedbacks driving mangrove-forest ecology and biogeomorphic evolution. Andrew applies techniques and understanding gained from research to assist resource managers with integrated catchment-estuary management. 

Full Staff List

Position Email Phone (external)
Anathea Albert Enviromental Chemistry and Toxicology Technician +64-7-856-1723
Jade Arnold Hydrodynamics Technician +64-3-343-7852
Dr Cindy Baker Principal Scientist - Freshwater Fish +64-7-856-1774
Jochen Bind Hydrodynamics and GIS Technician +64-3-343-8021
Dr Doug Booker Hydro-ecological Modeller +64-3-343-7848
David Bremner Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Technician +64-7-859-1856
Helen Brider Algal Ecology Technician +64-7-859-1878
Dr Michael Bruce Assistant Regional Manager - Auckland +64-9-375-4539
Rod Budd Principal Technician - Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes +64-7-856-1718
Tracey Burton Freshwater Ecologist +64-7-859-1852
Dr Céline Cattoën-Gilbert Hydrological Forecasting Scientist +64-3-341-2849
Paul Champion Principal Scientist - Freshwater Ecology +64-7-856-1796
Dr Sue Clearwater Ecotoxicology Scientist +64-7-859-1835
Dr Daniel Collins Hydrologist +64-3-343-8033
Dr Jono Conway Hydrological Forecaster & Modeller +64-3-440-0409
Kerry Costley Water Quality Technician +64-7-856-1780
Dr Rupert Craggs Principal Scientist - Aquatic Pollution +64-7-859-1807
Glenys Croker Freshwater Ecology Technician +64-7-856-1717
Dr Shannan Crow Freshwater Fish Ecologist +64-3-343-7868
Dr Rob Davies-Colley Principal Scientist - Water Quality +64-7-856-1725
Mary de Winton Freshwater Ecologist +64-7-856-1797
Ralph Dickson Environmental Monitoring Technician +64-3-545-7733
Dr Jan Diettrich Software Developer +64-3-343-8076
Maurice Duncan Hydrologist +64-3-343-7863
Eimear Egan Freshwater Ecologist +64-7-856-1785
Dr Sandy Elliott Principal Scientist - Catchment Processes +64-7-859-1839
Mark Fenwick Marine Ecology Technician +64-4-386-0804
Dr Paul Franklin Freshwater Ecologist +64-7-859-1882
Dr Jennifer Gadd Aquatic Chemist +64-9-375-2058
Dr Eleanor Gee Freshwater Hydro-Ecologist +64-7-856-1710
Dr Max Gibbs Water Quality Scientist +64-7-856-1773
Dr Brandon Goeller Riparian and Wetland Scientist +64-7-838-8361
Dr Elizabeth Graham Freshwater Ecologist +64-7-856-1752
Dr Brittany Graham Marine Ecologist +64-4-386-0516
Dr Michelle Greenwood Freshwater Ecologist +64-3-343-8061
Dr James Griffiths Hydrologist +64-3-343-7858
Dr George Griffiths Principal Scientist - Hydrology +64-3-343-7841
Dr Arman Haddadchi Sediment Transport Scientist +64-3-343-7896
Roddy Henderson Hydrologist +64-3-343-7873
Stephan Heubeck Wastewater Energy Engineer +64-7-856-1766
Dr Chris Hickey Principal Scientist - Ecotoxicology and Environmental Chemistry +64-7-856-1713
Dr Murray Hicks Principal Scientist - River and Coastal Geomorphology +64-3-343-7872
Dr Deborah Hofstra Freshwater Ecologist +64-7-859-1812
Dr Clive Howard-Williams Emeritus Scientist +64-3-343-7857
Dr Jo Hoyle River Geomorphologist +64-3-343-7810
Dr Neale Hudson Environmental Chemist +64-7-856-1772
Dr Andrew Hughes Land and Water Scientist +64-7-856-1794
Christian Hyde Environmental Monitoring Technician +64-9-375-4535
Dr Phillip Jellyman Assistant Regional Manager - Christchurch +64-3-343-8052
Dr Cathy Kilroy Freshwater Ecologist +64-3-343-7883
Dr Alison Kohout Hydrodynamics Scientist +64-3-343-7842
Dr Anika Kuczynski Water Quality Modeller +64-3-343-8023
Dr Emily Lane Hydrodynamics Scientist +64-3-343-7856
Dr Scott Larned Chief Scientist - Freshwater and Estuaries +64-3-343-7834
Dr Drew Lohrer Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology +64-7-859-1803
Graeme Mackay Principal Technician - Environmental Monitoring +64-9-432-5502
Mike Martin Principal Technician - Ecotoxicology +64-7-856-1768
Dr Fleur Matheson Aquatic Biogeochemist +64-7-856-1776
Graham McBride Principal Scientist - Water Quality +64-7-856-1726
Dr Alistair McKerchar Hydrologist +64-3-343-7870
Dr Lucy McKergow Land and Water Scientist +64-7-856-1741
Richard Measures Hydrodynamics Scientist +64-3-343-8066
Juliet Milne Resource Management Scientist +64-4-386-0901
Jonathan Moores Urban Aquatic Scientist +64-9-375-2043
Greg Olsen Principal Technician - Environmental Chemistry +64-7-856-1781
Dr Jason Park Wastewater Scientist +64-7-856-1777
Pete Pattinson Environmental Monitoring Technician +64-9-375-2077
George Payne Principal Technician - Water Quality +64-7-856-1767
Dr David Plew Hydrodynamics Scientist +64-3-343-7801
Darcel Rickard Environmental Research/Science Communication +64-7-859-1869
Dr Helen Rouse Regional Manager - Christchurch and Nelson +64-3-343-8037
Dr Dave Rowe Emeritus - Freshwater Ecologist +64-7-856-1757
Karl Safi Algal Ecologist +64-7-856-1716
Dr Annette Semadeni-Davies Urban Aquatic Scientist +64-9-375-4532
Dr Ude Shankar GIS Specialist +64-3-343-7892
Dr Shailesh Singh Hydrologist +64-3-343-8053
Dr Graeme Smart Principal Scientist - Natural Hazards and Hydrodynamics +64-3-343-7851
Brian Smith Freshwater Biologist +64-7-856-1756
Dr Bob Spigel Hydrodynamics Scientist +64-3-343-8020
Dr MS Srinivasan Principal Scientist - Catchment Hydrology +64-3-343-8031
Dr Tilmann Steinmetz GIS Data Analyst & Administrator +64-4-386-0535
Dr Rick Stoffels Freshwater Fisheries Ecologist +64-3-343-7832
Dr Richard Storey Freshwater Ecologist +64-7-859-1880
Dr Rebecca Stott Environmental Health - Microbiology Scientist +64-7-859-1892
James Sukias Wastewater Scientist +64-7-856-1715
Colin Sutton Fisheries Technician +64-3-545-7738
Dr Andrew Swales Coastal and Estuarine Physical Processes Scientist +64-7-856-1761
Dr Chris Tanner Principal Scientist - Aquatic Pollution +64-7-856-1792
Aleki Taumoepeau Aquatic Biology Technician +64-7-856-1708
Karen Thompson Enviromental Chemistry and Toxicology Technician +64-7-859-1895
Dr Amanda Valois Freshwater Ecologist +64-7-856-1795
Dr Piet Verburg Lake Scientist +64-7-856-1787
Sanjay Wadhwa GIS Analyst +64-7-859-1813
Jeremy Walsh Hydrodynamics Engineer +64-3-343-7877
Dr Amy Whitehead Freshwater Ecologist +64-3-343-7854
Dr Bob Wilcock Environmental Chemist +64-7-856-1743
Dr Ben Woodward Biogeochemist +64-7-856-1754
Dr Sharleen Yalden Environmental Modeller +64-9-375-2032
Dr Jing Yang Hydrology Scientist +64-3-343-7840
Richard Yates Environmental Electronics Technician +64-7-856-1733