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NIWA’s science services are delivered by our thirteen National Centres. Each centre conducts a raft of research contributing to a high level outcome for New Zealand.


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NIWA's Hotspot Watch

Weekly update to help media assess likelihood of extremely dry weather preceding a drought. Regions experiencing severely to extremely drier than normal soil conditions are deemed “hotspots”.

Staying alive – pre- Antarctic sea survival training

The video below follows Sir Peter Blake Trust Ambassadors Zac Penman and Blake Hornblow as they undertake their sea survival training in preparation for Antarctica.

BLOG: Sir Peter Blake Trust Ambassador Blake Hornblow, the adventure begins

Our 42 day adventure to Antarctica aboard NIWA’s RV Tangaroa is just beginning! My name is Blake Hornblow and I am a 2014 Blake NIWA Science Ambassador.

BLOG: Sir Peter Blake Ambassador Zac Penman - incredible opportunity

Being selected as one of the two 2014 Blake NIWA Science ambassadors is the most incredible opportunity ever. I still remember the phone call at uni late into second semester last year.

Time-lapse footage of RV Tangaroa departing for Antarctica

NIWA photographer, Dave Allen, has captured this time-lapse footage of RV Tangaroa departing Wellington yesterday morning.