Enhancing the benefits of New Zealand'snatural resources.


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From the top of the atmosphere to the bottom of the ocean, our science enhances the benefits of New Zealand’s natural resources.

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NIWA’s science services are delivered by our thirteen National Centres. Each centre conducts a raft of research contributing to a high level outcome for New Zealand.


We provide accurate weather forecasts powered by NIWA's supercomputer.

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Latest News

New report recognises climate change and ozone depletion links

The ozone hole over Antarctica is responsible for significant climate change in the Southern Hemisphere, according to a new international report.

Dry spells take hold in South Island

Many areas in the South Island are tracking towards record dry spells as relatively warm, dry weather that began in mid-August continues

Science & Technology Fair winners announced

Winners from the Manukau, Bay of Plenty and Waikato Science and Technology fair have been announced.

National Science Challenge launched today

The Government’s latest National Science Challenge announced today represents the single biggest investment in ocean-related research for New Zealand.

Auckland Students take scientific approach to fair

Auckland students are this week putting the finishing touches to their projects as the NIWA Auckland City Science and Technology Fair kicks off.