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From the top of the atmosphere to the bottom of the ocean, our science enhances the benefits of New Zealand’s natural resources.

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NIWA’s science services are delivered by our thirteen National Centres. Each centre conducts a raft of research contributing to a high level outcome for New Zealand.


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Latest News

Scientists celebrate 60 years of radiocarbon measurements

Scientists will next month celebrate the diamond anniversary of the world’s longest continuous record of atmospheric radiocarbon measurements.

Scientists make rare find in Auckland streams

NIWA and Auckland Council freshwater scientists using fish pheromone samplers have made a rare discovery in two Auckland streams.

Ozone depleting substance found to be rising

NIWA researchers have made a prominent contribution to new research showing the international treaty to protect the ozone layer is working ¬- despite the discovery of increased levels of ozone-depleting hydrogen chloride in the Northern Hemisphere.

Climate change poses risk of irreversible impacts: IPCC report

Human influence on the climate system is clear and growing, with impacts observed on all continents.

Plans to be Outdoors? Saturday Looks to be the Best

With the exception of a few possible showers from Gisborne to Wairarapa, Saturday looks to be the best day of the Labour Weekend from top to bottom.