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NIWA’s science services are delivered by our thirteen National Centres. Each centre conducts a raft of research contributing to a high level outcome for New Zealand.


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Little wonder - the ocean’s primary productivity

At the base of the ocean’s food chain are algae. Algae feed the krill that feed the whales.

BLOG: Sir Peter Blake Trust Ambassador Zac Penman - final days

Today marked the last official day of science here in the Ross Sea. The ship has now been turned north and the 8 day steam back to Wellington has begun.

Safe passage: Ice Pilot's critical mission

A research voyage in Antarctic waters faces the tyranny of distance and ice during every hour of the six-week voyage.

NELSON MAIL: Blue Lake a New Zealand treasure

Water in the Blue Lake is the clearest freshwater ever reported.

Oysters ahead: Bluff season begins

Each March, oyster lovers descend on the catch of Bluff’s best bivalves – a seasonal delicacy from one of the last remaining wild oyster fisheries on the planet.