Mātauranga Māori and sustainable management of New Zealand fisheries


The problem

While outside partners such as NIWA have technical and financial resources that can initially help, Rohe Moana & Mātaitai Reserve management requires the local community - who actively manage their customary fisheries - to take ownership of project process, tools and outcomes into the future.

The solution

Using a collaborative case study approach, the aim of the FRST funded Project Mātauranga Māori and Sustainable Management of New Zealand fisheries (C01X0603) is to assist tangata whenua to bring together different, yet complementary knowledge systems - distinct Māori knowledge and conventional fisheries and ecosystem information.

With this combined knowledge, tangata whenua will be able to:

  • protect their values
  • identify their goals
  • collaboratively develop culturally appropriate, robust and practical management strategies and tools.

The result

We will be updating this page with our progress.

NIWA Contacts

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Scientist - Māori Environmental Research (Te Kūwaha)
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22 February 2014