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When fire came to Pigeon Valley, Fire and Emergency came to NIWA.
Hotspots in the North Island are currently found in Aupouri Peninsula, interior Manawatu-Whanganui, and interior Hawke’s Bay. South Island hotspots are currently found in interior Marlborough, a small area near Christchurch, coastal southern Canterbury, and a portion of Stewart Island.
Across the North Island, soil moisture levels generally changed little during the past week. In the South Island, increases were observed along most of the West Coast, interior Otago, and Marlborough Sounds, while decreases occurred in Stewart Island.
Across the North Island, soil moisture levels decreased in big parts of the island during the past week due to meagre rainfall. In the South Island, soil moisture decreases were observed across much of the island.

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NIWA 2017 Annual Climate Summary

Chris Brandolino (Principal Scientist - Forecasting) presents the 2017 Annual Climate Summary. See the detailed Annual Climate Summary.

Welcome to Freshwater Update 57, with the latest info from our Freshwater and Estuaries centre.

Welcome to Freshwater Update 54. This issue features some of the latest work from our Freshwater and Estuaries teams, Water Quality maps and information and  River flow maps for Autumn.

Latest news from the centre includes: Float your boat! Scientists use hi-tech miniature Q-boat to measure river flows 

Over the past decade, predicting the weather, and understanding the changes in climate, has emerged as one of the most important and topical areas of scientific endeavour.



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