Over the last few days the “dive team” have been recording corals, fishes, urchins and other invertebrates from the shallow waters (0-30m) surrounding Raoul Island to complement the biodiversity records from the deeper ocean collected by the other scientists onboard.
Our latest 131 page NIWA Biodiversity Memoir is an initiative of the US/NZ Joint Commission Meeting (JCM) Marine and Ocean Theme.

Anthoptilum grandiflorum (Verrill, 1879) is a species of Pennatulacea, or sea pen, in the octocoral group of Cnidaria. Octocorals are so named because they have 8 tentacles to each of their polyps.

This identification guide covers the common crustose coralline algae found in central New Zealand.

International Congress for Conservation Biology

5 December 2011 to 9 December 2011

NIWA is sponsoring the 25th International Congress for Conservation Biology.

NIWA staff are running three workshop 'Think Tanks' before the conference, these worksops are:

Implications of environmental change to Antarctic ecosystems 2, 3, 4 December, for more information contact 

Deep-sea coral research to enhance conservation 2, 3 December, for more information contact

Welcome to NIWA's third Alumni Update – an e-newsletter for past NIWA employees.

Welcome to NIWA's second Alumni Update – an e-newsletter for past NIWA employees.

Specimens can be loaned to universities, colleges, museums and other research or education institutions for the use of resident research staff.

The lace coral beds on the seafloor at Separation Point in Golden Bay–Tasman Bay are thriving – and commercial fishers can take much of the credit.

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