News Headlines

It’s been a busy few months for NIWA, with lots of our interesting and exciting science stories being mentioned in the media.

Measurable tsunami waves hit New Zealand on cue after Japan earthquake

New data from NIWA shows waves generated by the magnitude 9.0 Japan earthquake reached all coasts of New Zealand, as predicted, and even registered on a sea-level gauge at Scott Base, in Antarctica. Read more


New studies reveal some snapper stay at home

NIWA studies reveal that different movement and behaviours exist within snapper stock – some snapper stay at home, while some range for hundreds of kilometres. Our studies also show that marine reserves may well be affecting the behaviour of fish that inhabit them. Read more


NIWA creates designer homes for fish

Seagrass meadows – vital nursery grounds for young fish – are vanishing at an alarming rate worldwide. In New Zealand, young snapper, trevally, and other popular fish rely on subtidal seagrass for shelter and food, in many areas. Read more

NIWA scientists travel to flood − stricken Australia

NIWA Scientists left for Brisbane on Friday 28 January. They joined Geosciences Australia in assessing the impacts of the devastating floods that recently hit eastern Australia. These floods, which peaked in the final weeks of 2010 and into 2011, are some of the worst ever experienced in Australia. Read more


NIWA goes shark hunting

In January 2011, scientists played catch with rig sharks in Porirua and Pauatahanui Inlets. They hoped to trap and catch upwards of thirty sharks. This fisheries assessment work, funded by the Ministry of Fisheries, will help develop the best methods for a planned nationwide rig nursery-ground survey. Read more