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NIWA Scientists survey Pegasus Bay with seismic equipment

NIWA’s research vessel Kaharoa set sail from Wellington, destined for Lyttelton and equipped with seismic survey gear to survey an area of southern Pegasus Bay.

The seismic survey work being undertaken by NIWA is part of Project Offshore, a part of the effort by the Natural Hazards Research Platform in supporting Response and Recovery to the Christchurch earthquake. The survey results will assist in the understanding of future earthquake in the Canterbury region, in preparation for rebuilding the city. Read more


Frightening fishy finds

NIWA looked deep – to almost 1840 metres – and found new-to-science fish, close to the seafloor. The ocean revealed specimens of some rarely seen, and some previously unknown, fishes from New Zealand waters.

Fisheries scientists know a lot about some commercial fish species, like orange roughy, yet even the orange roughy has secrets. Scientists on this voyage in June 2010 found out just how low they go – they found one specimen below 1500 metres. Read more


Operational Review

As part of NIWA’s business planning process earlier this year we identified the need to undertake an operational review to ensure that NIWA’s structure, skill mix and staffing levels were aligned with market opportunities going forward, and would allow us to remain competitive. The review is now complete and has resulted in some changes in both the science and support areas of the organisation, which we believe will put us in a good position to continue to contribute strongly to the country’s economic and environmental prosperity through the provision of leading environmental science.