Dr John McKoy

In August, NIWA farewelled Dr John McKoy, Chief Scientist - Fisheries, into retirement. John worked for NIWA for 15 years, and the Fisheries Division for 22 years. During this time John was a fundamental part in helping NIWA to maintain its position, in the face of significant challenges, as the premier provider of fisheries research in New Zealand. John can also take credit for helping develop the stock assessments and research planning processes that have underpinned fisheries management for many years.

Dr Don Robertson

In July, Dr Don Robertson, Chief Scientist - Biodiversity and Biosecurity, retired after 15 years working for NIWA. With a successful science career spanning 40 years, Don joined NIWA in 1995 as Wellington’s Regional Manager then moving on to lead the Biodiversity, Biosecurity, and Information Services area in 2002. During this time he made many enormous contributions such as becoming one of the pioneers of deepwater fisheries research – a particularly challenging area of research – and establishing quota levels.

He became the first vice-chairman of the international Antarctic Treaty Nations Scientific Committee for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources and was a fundamental part of the construction of the RV Tangaroa. Don saw the need for a purpose-built research vessel and ended up project managing its construction.