Our Far South events

In July and early August 2012, a number of events are taking place as a result of the Our Far South voyage. 


In early August there will be a national speaking tour in the main centres around NZ - details TBA.


Our Far South photographic exhibition

Academy of Fine Arts, Queens Wharf

5th – 17th July

Our Far South photogrpahic exhibition displays large scale photographs from Photographer and Adventurer Mike Wilkinson. It spans the Southern ocean from Snares, Campbell, and Auckland Islands, and on to the Ross Sea and the Antarctic Continent. These regions will be portrayed by beautiful sweeping large scale photographs that capture the both the scale, remoteness of the area.


Premiere of Our Far South "The documentary"

Soundings Theatre, Te Papa

3rd July, 6.30pm

See the premiere of a new documentary by Te Radar, based on his experiences on Gareth Morgan's Our Far South expedition through the Southern Ocean to Antarctica. Followed by a Q&A session with Gareth Morgan, Te Radar, and experts on the region. 


The science behind Our Far South

Soundings Theatre, Te Papa

16th July, 6.30pm

Discover the science of one of the planet's most extraordinary places with members of the Our Far South expedition to the Southern Ocean and Antarctica. Featuring Nick Tansley as MC, World-leading Kiwi oceanographer Lionel Carter and other experts on the region.



An Evening with Te Radar and Friends

Whitireia Theatre

8th July, 630pm.

A variety show featuring Te Radar, members of the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra, Nick Tansley, James Nokise, Wayne Mason, and many more. This variety show will include music, comedy and dance. All proceeds will go towards the Million Dollar Mouse campaign which will eradicate mice, from the Antipodes Islands. www.milliondollarmouse.org



Our Far South Lunchtime seminar series

Academy of Fine Arts, Queens Wharf. Poster available for download at bottom of page.

12.30pm start (approx. 45 mins)

These lunchtime seminars are a chance to get a flavour of the debates that took place on the Our Far South voyage so you can make up your own mind. Bring your sandwich and come along.

5th July - "Can we save the wildlife of Our Far South?"

We will explore the challenges facing the species of the area and what can be done about them.

10th July - "Is climate change real and have we caused it?"

We will review the latest evidence on anthropogenic climate change.

11th July - "Climate Change in Our Far South."

The Southern Ocean and Antarctica are the engine room of the world's climate and ocean system - what impacts will climate change have on the region and what that will mean for the rest of the planet?

12th July - "Can we keep Antarctica dedicated to peace and science?"

The Antarctic Treaty System has been successful for more than fifty years, but can it deal with the rise of a resource hungry China and India?

16th July - "Fishing and Marine Protection in Our Far South."

We will look at whether the fishing of Antarctic toothfish is sustainable and what options there are for marine protection in the area. 

Credit: Victor Anderlini
The 'ABobnable' Snowman. Credit: Our Far South
Albatross on Campbell Island. Credit: Rob Murdoch, NIWA
Erect-crested penguin. Credit: Our Far South
Scott's hut. Credit: Jude McKendry
Seal. Credit: Paul Tippett
NIWA's General Manager of Research, Rob Murdoch, during the Our Far South voyage. Credit: Our Far South
Ross Sea at midnight. Credit: Anton van Helden, Te Papa
Research subject: AntarcticaOceans