Squally rain, wind, snow on the way


Another powerful weather system is set to hit New Zealand tonight and tomorrow morning, bringing another round of strong, gusty wind and drenching downpours.

On the South Island, snow will blanket Alps peaks above 1500 metres. For many mountains, this will be the first significant snow of the season.

Pockets of very heavy rain and tropical cyclone-strength wind gusts will blast Fiordland after midnight, stretching up the West Coast and to western and northern Tasman by daybreak Wednesday. Wind gusts may exceed 135 km/h at coastal locations exposed to the west with the potential for downed power lines, tree branches, and minor structural damage.

Frequent lightning and some thunder will accompany the rain and wind during the height of the storm.

The worst of the weather during Wednesday morning’s commute may span from New Plymouth in Taranaki southward to northern Tasman, Nelson, and Marlborough. The squally weather is forecast to continue its trek across the North Island midday Wednesday, giving Wellington a period of strong winds and perhaps a thunderstorm during the middle and late morning.

Strong winds from Nelson to Wellington, Wednesday morning

The central North Island will also have a round of downpours and wind during the mid- and late-morning. In Auckland, the most unsettled patch of weather is forecast to arrive just before the lunch hour so think twice about having lunch outside. Much like Monday evening, there is the opportunity for a period of lightning.

Strong winds from Nelson to Wellington, New Zealand, on the morning of Wednesday 18 May 2016. Credit: NIWA forecast.


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