See NIWA scientists talking about their work, along with fascinating animations and underwater footage.

Constructed Wetlands
Natural wetlands have been called the “kidneys of the landscape” because of their ability to store and transform contaminants before they reach waterways.
Binding Phosphorus
Aquatic pollution specialist Chris Hickey discusses the use of binding agents to reduce phosphorus runoff at the end of farm drainage.
Irrigation Automation
Steve de Lima talks about the automation of irrigation processes in Canterbury and the ability to control flows via mobile phone or tablet devices.
Covered Anaerobic Ponds
Biogas specialist Stephan Heubeck talks about the use of covered anaerobic ponds to mitigate pollution and generate electricity for the farm.
Taking water from rivers
Principal Scientist Murray Hicks discusses new modelling technology to assist with making decisions on taking water from natural waterways.
Stream Ecology
John Quinn looks at stream ecology as a way of measuring stream health.
Riparian Zones
Freshwater Ecologist John Quinn talks about improving riparian zones to deal with diffuse pollution in our rural waterways.
Ocean Acidification
This video has been produced to highlight ocean acidification as a potential issue affecting the NZ shellfish aquaculture industry
NIWA antarctic buoy deployed
A buoy to measure waves in the Southern Ocean is lowered on to sea ice via a helicopter from research vessel, Aurora Australis.
Our World is Changing
Our world is changing - here is some food for thought...
Thin Ice
In late 2013, a group of scientists from NIWA travelled to Antarctica to perform a series of experiments under the sea ice to look at how climate change and ocean acidification could affect this fragile ecosytem.
Ice divers
A specialist dive team venture under the Antarctic sea ice to work on an ocean acidification experiment, and they bring back some breath taking video of the environment along the way.
Blue Cod
For the first time on a blue cod survey, cameras were fixed to some of the pots to observe the behaviour of blue cod in and around the pots.
Summer Camp - Extreme
PhD Student Eleanor Rainsley tells us about her experience living and working on Taylor Glacier, Antarctica. 
Raw footage - Wellington storm, June 21 2013
Raw footage of the storm battering Wellington (New Zealand) on June 21st, 2013.
NIWA forecast
Scientists, farmers and growers discuss NIWA's new weather forecasting product at Fieldays 2013.
Back to the Future
Dr Katja Riedel and Dr Hinrich Schaefer discuss how NIWA's ice coring work on Taylor Glacier in Antarctica is allowing us to find out about the Earth's atmosphere in the distant past.
Shifting Sands - Tsunami hazard off Kaikoura, NZ
Dr Joshu Mountjoy discusses NIWA's work in assessing the tsunami hazard just south of Kaikoura. 
A Different Kettle of Fish
Take a look inside NIWA's Bream Bay aquaculture facility - the species, the science and the future of New Zealand's aquaculture industry.
Fiordland’s depths reveal more new-to-science wonders - Funicularina sp. (sea pen)
Scientists from NIWA and the Department of Conservation (DOC) have used a remote operated vehicle (ROV) equipped with cameras and a grappling arm to locate and sample specimens of sea pen previously unknown to science, hidden in the undiveable depths of remote Fiordland.