Natural Hazards research projects

Find out more about some of our natural hazards-related work.

Understanding how hazards impact people and the environment provides the foundation for informed decision making for a resilient Pacific
Could Wallis and Futuna be affected by tsunamis? And if so, what characteristics would such tsunamis have?
RiskScape, a joint venture between GNS Science and NIWA, is a tool for analysing potential economic and human impacts and losses from multiple natural hazards.
NIWA has developed cylc: world-leading software which helps users to better manage the dependencies of environmental forecasting (using computer modelling) tasks and improve overall efficiency.

In September 2010 and February 2011, two devastating earthquakes (M7.1 and M6.3 respectively) hit the Canterbury region

NIWA is developing guidelines and advice to help coastal communities adapt to climate change.

NIWA is working on a ministry-funded project to produce a model, validated by 40 years of historic data, to project future wave and storm surges off the coast for two climate change scenarios.
This programme is about providing improved knowledge of the causes and potential consequences of coastal hazards in New Zealand, and how often they might pose a threat.