CLUES – Catchment Land Use for Environmental Sustainability model

CLUES is a GIS based modelling system which assesses the effects of land use change on water quality and socio-economic indicators. It was developed by NIWA for MAF and is an amalgamation of existing modelling and mapping procedures contributed by various research organisations, including MfE, AgResearch, Landcare Research, Plant and Food Research and Harris Consulting.

CLUES allows users to create both land use and farm practice change scenarios (stocking rates, mitigation) using a range of tools. Results are available in map and tabular displays. CLUES software and the user manual are publically available for download from our FTP site (link below).

NIWA has experience in a wide range of CLUES application and can also provide training.

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Read about CLUES on the Ministry for Primary Industries website

CLUES has been linked to an estuarine model



Principal Scientist - Catchment Processes
Okura estuary. [NIWA]
CLUES output map