Freshwater Update 80, March 2019

Freshwater Update 80 brings you the latest information from our Freshwater & Estuaries Centre, with articles that cross a broad spectrum of freshwater research. This edition has articles about the sources of plastics in our waterways, the discovery of long-lost lake plant species and a breakthrough in research about freshwater mussels/kākahi.

The New Zealand Water Model (NZWaM) – a new water modelling approach

Models have an important role to play in water management in New Zealand.

 To be useful, models need to be both flexible and complex; flexible because they are needed for a wide range of purposes, and complex because they need to simulate complex natural and man-made systems (Figure 1). Ideally, these models will have a modular design, so that sub-models that represent hydrological, climatic, water quality, ecological and other processes can be added.