Freshwater Update 30, December 2009

Welcome to Freshwater Update, the e-newsletter of NIWA's National Centre for Freshwater. Here we bring you our latest review and outlook for New Zealand's water resources, and news of some of our latest research.

Modelling future water quality in Lake Benmore

The lakes of the Upper Waitaki Basin – Lakes Benmore, Aviemore, and Waitaki – are highly valued for their clean water. But land use is intensifying in the lakes’ catchments, and concerns for future water quality are growing. NIWA scientists have worked alongside Waikato University scientists to model  the potential impact of intensifying land use on water quality in Lake Benmore, to help Environment Canterbury with its regional planning.

World first in bio-crude oil research

“The reality is that no one in the world has done anything on this scale. Our trial aims to show that this complete process can be cost-effective and efficient”, says NIWA scientist Dr Rupert Craggs. Twelve years of research by NIWA’s Aquatic Pollution Group has culminated in the world’s first large-scale trial of the production of algal bio-crude oil from wastewater.

Research subject: Lakes