Past Events

A list of all past events.

ICES Expert Working Group Meetings

3 April 2017
2017 joint meeting of the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) - ICES Working Group on Fisheries Acoustics, Science and Technology (WGFAST), the ICES-FAO Working Group on Fishing Technology and Fish Behaviour (WGFTFB).

AWATEA 10th Annual Conference

19 May 2016
The Aotearoa Wave and Tidal Energy Association (AWATEA) is hosting it's 10th annual conference on marine energy.

Shifting Paradigm -- the village of Sa’anapu, Samoa

18 March 2016 to 12 May 2016

A unique art exhibition that combines science, architecture and anthropology to forge a new future for a Samoan village opens in Wellington next week. 

The exhibition stems from a pilot project to help Samoa’s largest village, Sa’anapu, better cope with natural disaster after it was badly affected by a tsunami in 2009 and Cyclone Evans in late 2012.