Key contacts and links

Support for the project

Funding for the Toolbox was provided by the Ministry for Science and Innovation (formerly the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology), contract C01X0805. The Toolbox was produced by researchers in NIWA, MWH New Zealand Ltd, GNS Science and BRANZ. 

Primary contacts

For more information on the Urban Impacts Toolbox, contact either:

Dr Andrew Tait
Principal Scientist
National Climate Centre
NIWA Private Bag 14901
New Zealand
+64 4 386 0562

Laurie Gardiner
Project Manager
MWH New Zealand Ltd
PO Box 9624, Te Aro
New Zealand
+64 4 381 5712

Supplementary material

Modelling Future Water Demand for Wellington using Multiple Climate Change Scenarios, MWH Report No. Z1823605. This report is referenced in [Tool 2.5.2] Bulk Water Demand Trend Modelling for Climate Change.

Urban Growth Scenarios for Wellington City, MWH Report No. Z1823604. This report is referenced in [Tool 3.4] Investigating Urban Growth and Change to Inform the Risk Assessment Process.

Links to good examples

See what some urban councils around New Zealand are doing regarding the assessment of climate change impacts and adaptation options for their city:

Some good case study reports published on the MfE website:

Do you know of other good examples? Please email Andrew Tait and let him know.

Storm damage along the Esplanade, Owhiro Bay, Wellington. Photo by Dave Allen on 21 June 2013.
Research subject: Climate change