Seasonal climate summaries from summer 2001 to the present.


Wednesday 13 June 2000
An autumn of extremes
Record low rainfall in Wellington and the east of the South Island
Very wet in Northland, Coromandel and Bay Of Plenty
Extremely sunny in central New Zealand
Warm in many areas
A fresh New Zealand record low 3–month rainfall total at Cape Campbell, coastal Marlborough, and an all time high rainfall for a non-alpine area, Leigh, in Northland, highlighted an autumn of climate extremes.

Tuesday, 7 March 2001
Another summer of extremes
Extremely dry in central New Zealand, wet in Bay Of Plenty
Cool in the south, warm in Aucklnad, Bay Of Plenty and central New Zealand
Nelson sets new New Zealand summer sunshine record
A 2000/2001 summer of climate extremes including droughts, floods and high humidity produced in Nelson a new seasonal sunshine record of 878 hours, 20 percent above normal and a new high for any New Zealand locality since such records began in 1930. Sunshine totals in Marlborough, Buller and north Canterbury were also at least 10 percent above normal.