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Our Climate is Changing
Our climate is changing - we need to act now.
Glaciers Don't Lie
If you think New Zealand's Southern Alps are shielded from climate change – take a look at this. "You can't make a glacier lie.”
NIWA Blake Ambassadors vlog1
26 October 2018. NIWA Blake Ambassadors, Lana Young and Siobhan O'Connor and SalpPOOP voyage leader Dr Moira Decima check out sampled salps from different depths.
Climate change scenarios through to 2110
Features temperature change, increase in hot days, decrease in frost, drought indicator, rainfall patterns through to 2110 under two ICPP scenarios.
Climate change touch screen - Fieldays
The touch screen in action at Fieldays.revealing how our climate will change across the country.
Auckland region climate change projections and impacts | Auckland Council
Auckland Council and Council Controlled Organisations commissioned NIWA to provide climate change projections, including high-resolution maps for the Auckland Region.
Climate change and variability - report for the Greater Wellington Region
NIWA Climate Scientist - Petra Pearce explains Wellington city will have warmer autumns, almost a month of days over 25°C and up to 10 per cent more winter rain by 2090, according to a new NIWA cli
Edgecumbe Flood Damage
NIWA and GNS scientists recently visited Edgecumbe to assess flood damage in the area.
Adapting to climate change in Samoa
Muliagatele Filomena Nelson from Samoa's Ministry of Natural Resources  and Environment discusses integrating traditional knowledge when  adapting to climate change in Samoa.
David Wratt - How is sea level rise likely to affect us in the next 100 years?
Annie Hale, from Colorado College, USA, talks to Dr David Wratt, one of New Zealand's leading climate scientists on climate change.
David Wratt - What changes in weather can we expect from climate change?
Annie Hale, from Colorado College, USA, talks to Dr David Wratt, one of New Zealand's leading climate scientists on climate change.
Antarctic Climate Change
NIWA climate scientist Dr James Renwick explains what changes are occurring in the Antarctic in response to climate change and what's likely to happen in the future.
Climate Change and the Microbial Loop
NIWA biological oceanographer Dr Julie Hall explains how increased sea temperatures are predicted to increase stratification of the ocean, creating a disconnect between the surface waters and deep ocean.
The Microbial Loop
The microbial loop refers to the small microscopic organisms in the ocean – viruses, bacteria, the small phytoplankton and microzooplankton – and the relationships between them.
Sea Ice and Climate Change
Dr Mike Williams, physical oceanographer at NIWA, explains the importance of Antarctic sea ice in the Earth's ocean and climate systems and how they may be affected by climate change.
Climate Change and Deepsea Life
Dr Dave Bowden outlines concerns over the impacts of climate change on deepsea life in Antarctic waters.
Phytoplankton and Climate Change
NIWA biological oceanographer Dr Philip Boyd explains how the Southern Ocean plays a key role in controlling the world's climate, by drawing large amounts of CO2 from Earth's atmosphere into the ocean depths.
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