Aquaculture key contacts

NIWA's aquaculture centre draws from a broad base of expertise to provide solutions for New Zealand's marine farming sector.

Chief Scientist - Aquaculture & Biotechnology
Andrew is a veterinarian with a DVM from the University of Prince Edward Island. He came to NIWA in 2005 with more than 20 years of aquaculture industry experience from North America and Europe, and took up his current role in 2007. 
Assistant Regional Manager - Auckland
Michael is programme leader for NIWA's MSI Production of Aquaculture Species programme. His area of specialisation is aquaculture nutrition.

Full Staff List

Position Email Phone (external)
Dr Neill Barr Principal Technician - Marine Ecology +64-4-386-0606
Dr Mike Beentjes Fisheries Scientist +64-3-471-7767
Anna Bradley Marine Ecology Technician +64-3-545-7742
Jamie-Lee Brewer Aquaculture Technician +64-9-432-5534
Dr Niall Broekhuizen Principal Scientist - Ecosystem Modelling +64-7-856-1798
Dr Michael Bruce Assistant Regional Manager - Auckland +64-9-375-4539
Megan Carter Marine Ecology Technician +64-3-545-7748
Dr Hoe Chang Emeritus - Marine Biologist +64-4-386-0360
Dr Serena Cox Marine Biologist +64-4-386-0364
Dr Rupert Craggs Principal Scientist - Aquatic Pollution +64-7-859-1807
Niki Davey Marine Ecologist +64-3-545-7736
Mark Gall Marine Ecologist +64-4-386-0514
Debbie Hulston Principal Technician - Microbial Ecology +64-4-386-0593
Dr Anna Kilimnik Mass Spectrometry Technician +64-4-386-0918
Graeme Moss Marine Biologist +64-4-386-0540
Mike Page Marine Ecologist +64-3-545-7743
Dr Jeffrey Ren Marine Ecologist +64-3-343-8032
Karen Robinson Marine Ecology Technician +64-3-343-7826
Paul Sagar Marine Ecologist +64-3-343-7855
Carina Sim-Smith Scientist
Dr Jeanie Stenton-Dozey Marine Ecologist +64-3-343-8030
Martin Unwin Data Analyst +64-3-343-7885
Dr John Zeldis Principal Scientist - Marine Ecology +64-3-343-7813