Our Far South

Our Far South: Beyond Stewart Island is a month-long voyage around Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic islands, organised by economist and investor Gareth Morgan.

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It aims to raise New Zealanders' awareness of the issues that face the region south of Stewart Island: the Southern Ocean, the sub-Antarctic islands, and Antarctica.  New Zealand has a significant stake in this vast region, which faces significant challenges, specifically in the fields of climate change, decreasing biodiversity, commercial interests and the present and future of the area's natural resources. 

With 50 people, and on board the the Spirit of Enderby, Our Far South brings together a group of experts on the region, including NIWA scientists, and was open to any New Zealanders, the proviso being that all aboard would contribute to the project in some way.

The primary themes which will be explored are: Protecting biodiversity, climate change, overfishing, mineral exploration, tourism and territorial aspirations.

Rob Murdoch, our General Manager of Research, is one of the experts on board, and will be sending us blog posts from the voyage. He is also giving a number of talks around the issues above and the videos accompanying his talks will added below. Follow these links for updates from the voyage. 

In a small green laboratory perched on the rocky volcanic southern peninsula of Ross Island, Antarctica, there’s a space waiting for a new shiny, hi-tech Christmas present.
Scientists on a rugged mid-winter trip to the remote sub-Antarctic islands have confirmed a large contingent of endangered southern right whales are spending the colder months near Campbell Island.

Well, we arrived back from our month-long trip last week, glad to be home but also full of very moving memories from the amazing places we've seen, and the awe-inspiring wildlife living in them. Each of the voyage's members took something different out of the voyage, and we'll be sharing some of these learnings at a national school roadshow over the next few months.

Southern Blue Whiting Fishery

NIWA fisheries scientist Dr Stuart Hanchet describes the history and management of the southern blue whiting fishery, centred around New Zealand's subantarctic islands.

Sea ice and climate change

Dr Mike Williams, physical oceanographer at NIWA, explains the importance of Antarctic sea ice in the Earth's ocean and climate systems and how they may be affected by climate change.

Antarctic Climate Change

NIWA climate scientist Dr James Renwick explains what changes are occurring in the Antarctic in response to climate change and what's likely to happen in the future.

We awoke early (6.15am) to low cloud and rain, with a 20-30 knot southerly wind. Many of us elected to go on a trip to Northwest Bay.

The ship made record speed yesterday with speeds in excess of 13 knots! A light southerly breeze, calms seas and bout a 2-3 m swell.